email marketingIf you ask any successful marketer what has contributed most to their success, a lot of them will tell you, ’email marketing’.

To a certain extent, that is true

However, it is not enough simply to have a list of email subscribers.

More important than just ‘doing’ email marketing is building a relationship with your subscribers, and that is a principle that any new internet marketer has to understand from the outset.

There are lots of ways that you can connect with your subscribers and one of the most effective is to add a personal touch to your emails. This means that instead of every email being business related from the first word to the last, add in a little bit about your personal life.

bella-oscar-dogsThis could be about a nice restaurant you’ve eaten in, a vacation you’ve been on, a great movie you’ve enjoyed (or not), and you could add in news about your family, friends or even your pets. By the way, the dogs on the left are mine…Bella and Oscar.

It’s up to you how far you take this, as there may be some elements of your personal and home life that you wish to keep to yourself, and that is fine. However, in order to let your subscribers see there is a real person behind the keyboard, you should include the odd snippet or two.

To illustrate what I mean, I subscribe to quite a few marketer’s emails, mainly to keep up to date with what is happening in the business world, especially internet marketing. The one which I have probably been subscribed to the longest is Martin Avis’s ‘Kickstart’ newsletter.

martin avis
Martin Avis

Now Martin’s emails have promotions and updates about new products and services, as do many other email newsletters, but what sets his apart, is what else he includes. For example, we get to know the latest movie he and his wife have been to see, day trips they’ve enjoyed, a good book he has read, there’s the odd bit of political news, and Martin even talks about some of his aches, pains, and the occasional bout of ill health.

The point is that Martin may not have the biggest email list in the world, but he has two things that are even more important than that. The first is a very loyal list, and second, because they know each email he sends is going to be something more interesting than simply the latest promotion, his emails get opened and read.

randy smth
Randy Smith

A more recent newsletter I have subscribed to is Randy Smith’s which is called ‘Randy’s Ramblings’.  Randy is the senior training consultant for John Thornhill’s ‘Partnership to Success’, which is the program I am currently following. Like Martin, Randy includes news about his family, and at the end of every email, he includes a joke.

Now, I should point out that more often than not, these jokes are ‘X-rated’ and not the sort you’d want to be telling your grandmother but I must admit some of them are very funny. The thing is, by adding jokes and family news, Randy’s personality comes through and this has helped him build a loyal following of email subscribers.

So, whether your email marketing journey means you’re just starting to build a list, or you have one, but it is not as responsive as you’d like, think about adding in some of your personality.

Let your subscribers know that there’s a real person behind these emails who has some of the same issues, problems, and everyday concerns as they do.

Be real, and not just some faceless marketer behind a keyboard.

PS: If you ‘d like to find out more about the Partnership to Success program, Click Here.

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    2 replies to "Aches, Pains and Rude Jokes – A Formula for Email Marketing Success?"

    • Randy Smith

      Thanks for the shout out James 🙂
      Much appreciated.
      And I’m glad ‘some’ of my daily Jokes make you smile… It certainly helps with retention, open rates and loyalty… PLUS has the added benefit of getting me unsubscribes from people whom I wouldn’t get on with anyways!

      (They’re better off without me, as they’d just waste time telling me how wrong I do things, instead of building their business, and I’m better without having to answer an email from someone earning 100 a month, telling me I’ll never succeed if I continue the way I have been for the last 12 years of making a healthy full time living doing this…..LOL)


    • John Milne

      The content that you have added o your message sounds like very good advice and is something that I will be attempting to follow in my ramblings

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