One of the main questions many business owners may ask is, “Can you really make money with YouTube?”

The answer is yes, it is quite possible and actually very easy as long as you do it the right way.

Steps to Make Money on YouTube

Of course, first, you must have an actual YouTube account so that your company can upload videos to YouTube.

A YouTube account is easy to make and best of all it is free to make.

You sign up on YouTube, create a channel or channels appropriate for your niche, and pick a good, catchy user name that will make people know who you are and what your business does or makes.

You can also choose to join the YouTube Partner Program which lets members earn a profit by selling advertising on their videos.

But to do this, you need a lot of views and a lot of people to subscribe to your channel, so this won’t work for everyone at first.

Have Only Original Content original content

A YouTube video has to be original content.

No one wants to be the subject of a lawsuit and neither does YouTube.

You don’t want your channel to get shut down before you get a chance to make that fantastic profit, so be sure to create original content for your videos.

This doesn’t mean you can’t use a similar idea, what it means is that you can’t use copyrighted material or copy other people’s videos and use it in your video.

This is stealing and it won’t get you anywhere except in trouble.

Use Only Appropriate Contentmicrophone

Be sure that your video doesn’t contain any inappropriate content or otherwise be something that could be considered offensive.

That is a quick way to get shut down and once again, your business won’t make any profits.

Plus, be sure the content relates to your niche.

It won’t be any good to show something like dog training videos if your company isn’t selling dog-related products

Have Good Content

video camera

If your YouTube video doesn’t have good content that informs, educates, and entertains your customers, then no one is going to watch it, and therefore you won’t make any money.

That means ensuring that your video is professional, accurate, and honest and shows reliable and current information on your product or services.


Find out what people need to know about your company or what you sell or make.

Answer their questions in a video and make their lives easier.

This will give you lots of points in the customer’s eyes because you won’t just be a nameless business that only cares about their profits and not what the customer needs or wants.

Be sure the script has good grammar and the people in the video are easy to understand.

Make sure it actually helps a customer to use your product or service.

Video testimonies from previous real customers are a great thing to use to do this.

Plus they are easy to produce and can turn out to be very enthusiastic and give a good feel for the worth of your brand to potential customers.

Create High-Quality Videos

video prodcution

Be sure the video is HD and not fuzzy or has audio that is hard to understand.

All of this makes your company look bad and your video may go viral for all the wrong reasons.

A sharp and professionally produced video can instead skyrocket your business to success in days.

This means your video needs to be 720p or 1080p HD format, so make sure what the settings are on your video camera and your video editing software.

Use Relevant Keyword

Be sure your video has a good title with trendy keywords for your niche and that those keywords are also in the description.

This helps your video get higher ranked in Google and also helps your potential customers to find you easier.

Make your title catchy and put in a thumbnail pix that is going to attract your viewers and make them want to click on your video.

The bottom line is that yes you can make money from YouTube, but only if you use it correctly, responsibly, and if you make quality videos that are relevant for your customers.

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