I was having an online conversation with a friend today when the subject came up of what her ambitions were and she explained to me that she wanted to teach dancing with a possible route being to open a local dance school.

I asked her what was stopping her and she gave the usual reasons most people do: time, lack of finances, the security of her job, fear of failure, and so on.

Each one of these is a perfectly understandable reason, even if I do not agree with any of them.

One thing that was not in question was her passion for teaching others to dance.dance course

As we continued our conversation she revealed to me something she did not share with many people – she had actually been a full-time dancer in London’s West End for many years when she was younger.

I wasn’t aware of this and as she went on to tell me more about her experiences I was amazed at what she had achieved.

I won’t name drop any of the stars she has worked with but it is an impressive list.

Being the marketer that I am, my mind started to go into overdrive and I began explaining to her how she could take her years of experience, knowledge, and passion and fulfill her ambition using the power of the internet to build an online business.

Firstly I pointed out going down the offline route not only required her to invest a great deal of time, money, and energy but it was restrictive in terms of her income opportunities.

She could only be in one place at a time and her market was limited to her local catchment area for pupils who could physically attend classes.

The Coronavirus is also a stark reminder that offline businesses can be affected by more than just supply and demand!

So what could she do if she went online with her ambitions?

Well, first of all, there is definitely a demand for the information and knowledge she has.

For example using the Google Keyword Tool as a quick indicator, each month the term ‘dance school’ has over 2 million global searches, ‘dance class’ has over 1 million searches whilst ‘how to dance videos’ has over 800,000.

So with the demand out there to learn, my friend could create any number of information products to satisfy that demand.

Now given that dance is a very visual activity my advice would be to create a video course in which she teaches what she knows.

A simple sales page and video could have an opt-in box offering a free video lesson that would allow her to build her subscriber list.

It will also let any potential buyer see exactly what they would be getting if they purchase the whole course.

One exciting aspect of dancing is that as there are so many different types of dance she could create a video course on modern dance, another on tap dancing, a third on Latin American dancing, and so on.

Every single one would be an additional income stream.

online business ideas

Alternatively, she could offer the training as a fixed-term membership where a link to a new video lesson is sent each week via email.

The other option is to create a membership site and add lessons and other content on a regular basis.

The investment required to set up all of this is minute compared to the offline model.

A website, domain, hosting, autoresponder, etc should be less than $200 and even adding a decent membership script makes the total no more than $400.

Creating and editing the video course will vary depending on how ‘hi-tech’ she wants to go but at most 3 hours of video should be about $300.

Compare this to the thousands of pounds it would take to create a dance school and all the headaches with regards property, legal issues, health and safety of pupils, utilities, etc.

So now we are set up it is time to market the product – we can find affiliates, post on dance forums, social media, talk to other dance sites, and so on.worldwide audience

The big difference here is we are promoting to a worldwide potential market rather than a very narrow local one.

Now what I explained to my friend is a very simplistic outline but there is no doubt that it forms a foundation for a more detailed business plan.

My friend had always believed that the hurdles she had to overcome would prevent her from fulfilling her dreams.

Now with the advice I have given her, she has had her eyes opened to the idea that her dream is actually a lot closer to being realized than she ever thought possible.

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