Here Is This Month’s Book Recommendation

I’ve been building my business which has preoccupied me for most of the time I have available.

Nevertheless, I still found time to read once again what I believe is one of the greatest books ever written

It is called “Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion” and is written by Robert Cialdini.

This book outlines the 6 principle ‘Weapons’ which are used to influence and persuade others to act in certain ways.

(Please note that when I say weapons I am not referring to knives and baseball bats!!!)

The 6 ‘weapons’ are as follows:


This occurs when someone feels obliged to repay someone else for kindness or service. A simple example of this is when a free gift is given away.

This often makes the recipient of the gift feel obliged to the giver and subsequently, they will do something in return, e.g. make a purchase.

Commitment & Consistency

People have a desire to be and be seen to be consistent in their actions. Therefore getting an early commitment from someone means they will likely remain so.

An example of this is the ‘nodding dog’ scenario where getting a customer to say ‘Yes’ repeatedly makes it more than likely they will continue to say yes throughout the sale.

Social Proof

This highlights our desire to want to ‘follow the crowd’ rather than be seen as outsiders. Therefore we often make decisions based on what other people have decided to do.

The use of testimonials and recommendations is a prime example of using social proof in the hope that someone reading the testimonial will also make a purchase.


A simple truth is that we prefer to be influenced by people whom we like/admire or who seem to be just like us. This is why advertisers use attractive models to promote their products.

Another strategy is to use ‘I’m just like you’ in adverts or sales copy e.g. a seemingly ordinary family using the product.


We are inclined to follow the advice of people we deem to be an authority figure. Words like ‘expert’, ‘guru’, and ‘master’ are used to give a sense of authority. The symbols of authority are also very influential – police uniform, white coat of a doctor


Probably one of the most commonly used influences in the world of marketing. This could be a limit on the number available or the length of time they will be available for. People hate the thought of missing out on something so this tactic works extremely well.

Influence – The Psychology of Persuasion is a book that is both enlightening and entertaining and there are excellent real-life examples used throughout which lead to a better understanding of the material.

Robert Cialdini is a psychologist by profession but he has written the book in simple language which everyone can understand.

If you want to be the best marketer possible, learn how to sell more, or simply wish to be a more persuasive person then I absolutely, 100% encourage you to seek out this book and read it.

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