It’s now ten days since my first post on my progress with John Thornhill’s ‘Partnership to Success’ program, so it is time to give you another update.

You’ll recall that I made lightning-quick progress through Phase 1, and completed it within one week, instead of eight which is the normal timescale. Bear in mind that anyone joining Partnership to Success can follow it at their own pace, and given that everyone will have various amounts of time available, then I think this is an excellent feature.

All too often I see courses that almost browbeat you into going fast, and on the flip side of that, others that seem to take an eternity to complete, so being allowed to work at my own pace suits me just fine.

google adsenseOne aspect of Phase 1 that I hadn’t officially finished was having Adsense on my blog. Not because I hadn’t done what was required, but due to the fact that Google put any website which applies for Adsense into a ‘review’ process. I presume this is to ensure that the site is genuine and not set up to simply spam and scam.

After some slight concerns about the time which had passed, today I got the email from Google saying my website has been approved, and so I have now added a widget to the sidebar and footer of my blog, for Adsense ads blocks.

In truth, this is not the first time I have tried Adsense, albeit the previous was so long ago I can’t even recall which site it was on. Nevertheless, it must have worked to an extent as one nice surprise I got when I went to my Adsense account, was a balance of $10 revenue. It seems I earned this on the previous site, so I am looking forward to seeing how quickly I can get this amount up to my first payment threshold.

Moving on to Phase 2, which I have been working on, this is where the planning and creation of my first product take place. One of the processes John recommends for this is to use mindmaps. As I love using mindmaps for all sorts of things, I relished getting on with this, and so I proceeded to map out a comprehensive outline.

mind mapI submitted it, asking for feedback and advice, and got a reply within an hour from Randy Smith who is a senior ‘Partnership to Success’ coach. The speed and comprehensiveness of response go a long way to showing just how superb the level of support that John has in place for P2S members. However, the response was not what I was expecting, and for the first few moments, I was slightly disappointed, but as I read through again, it all made sense.

You see, what I had done was build this massive mind map, for a very comprehensive product, that I now realize would have taken me hours and hours to write, record, edit, and produce. Randy suggested that I take just one or two of the sections and instead make that my product, with the benefit of creating it being a simpler and more timely process. He also said that the other sections within my mindmap were also potential products.

It was great advice, and to further ensure that I am going along the correct track in terms of planning my product, I have booked a Skype consultation which means I will be able to discuss it in more detail. Yet another great example of the level of support you get in Partnership to Success.

I’ll let you know how the call went, and my further progress in a future post.

PS: If you’d like to know more about¬† Partnership to Success, click this link.

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