One of the biggest steps you will take online, other than the initial decision to enter the online marketplace, will probably be creating your own product.

There are certainly pros and cons to product creation


Creating your own product can be time-consuming and draining.negative

You will need to also create Upsells and Downsells  for your ‘OTOs

You will have to create a sales video and page for your product.

You will have to create marketing material for affiliates to use.

You will have to manage customer service and be prepared to handle returns.



It can be exciting and instill pride in yourself and your workmanship. positive

You will have a product and a sales page with your name on it.

You will have complete control over your product and your sales page.

Top affiliates can generate thousands of sales of your product

You can earn from your product for weeks, months, and even years to come.

As you can see, creating your own product has its pros and cons, and for you, the pros may weigh more heavily than the cons or vice versa.

For me, the pros definitely far outweigh the cons.

I am willing to accept the risks and hard work of creating my own product, and one I can be proud of.

Watch this space!

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