learn onlineA common question asked about emailing subscribers is ‘How frequently should I send my list emails?’

The answer will vary depending on which email marketing expert you ask, but a general rule of thumb is that you should email as often as you feel comfortable with, provided that your emails are working effectively in terms of stats like open rates, conversions and unsubscribes.

In truth, marketers have had success sending emails at lots of different time intervals, with them being sent monthly, every two weeks, weekly, every couple of days, and finally, there are those who send an email each and every day.

For many of you, the idea of sending a daily email might raise all sorts of doubts, with the main one being that sending subscribers an email every day is too much and will thus lead to lots of unsubscribes.

However, there are lots of businesses and marketers who have had great success sending a daily email, and it is unlikely that they’d ever change the frequency of their emails.

Let’s look at three significant advantages of emailing your subscribers daily.

email subscriber#1 More Scope for You to Build a Relationship with Your Subscribers

Email marketing is an excellent way to build a relationship with your subscribers, with the main benefit of them trusting you and remaining loyal to your list. To do so, they need to hear from you regularly, and daily is as regular as you can get.

Sending a daily email, means you have more opportunities to talk to them and do so on subjects that aren’t always business related.

You can talk about your family, a trip you’ve been on, a funny incident, or an interesting person you met, and whether it is any of these or something else, it will make your emails more enjoyable, and let your subscribers see that you are a real person they can relate to.

Being able to do this on a daily basis means in 4 weeks you’ll have had 28 connects with your subscribers to help build their loyalty, compared with just 4 if you send weekly emails.

email list#2 Your Subscribers Will Expect and Look Forward to a Daily Email.

If like me, you subscribe to email lists, I’m sure there are some which appear in your inbox at random intervals, or intervals of 7 days or more.

It is also likely that because these emails are so infrequent that most of them are promos, with very little in the way of usable content. The worst ones then bombard you with emails that day pushing a promotion, when normally you barely hear from them.

Imagine the difference where your subscribers are used to receiving an email from you every 24 hours and become accustomed to seeing your name in their inbox.

This way if you do happen to be running a promotion which requires a few extra emails to highlight the last few hours of an offer, those emails will be more acceptable to them than those coming from marketers whom they only ever hear from three or four times a month.

lessons#3 Lots More Scope to Get Your Message Across to Your Subscribers

Assuming you like to produce top quality content that educates and informs your subscribers, the opportunities for you to do just that are far greater via a daily email.

For example, you might email subscribers a series of 4 or 5 content-rich emails which could be a series of lessons on a particular topic. On day number 6 you could send an email promoting a product linked to those lessons and possibly another on day 7.

The point here is that by having 5 days where you send excellent content, then a couple of days for promotions, it is not going to seem like you are promoting excessively

Alternatively, if you are emailing subscribers weekly you are either taking 5 weeks to send the content or you put it all into one very long weekly email, neither of which are particularly effective, and unlikely to convert if there is also a promotion tagged on as well.

Finally, you do not necessarily have to sit down every single day and write out your emails, although I know of some marketers who prefer to do it that way.

What you can do is use an autoresponder where you can write and prepare the week’s emails before setting them to be sent each day.

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