time managementLet me ask you a couple of questions …

As your online business continues to grow do you often feel there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done?


Do you become overwhelmed by the number of tasks you need to complete each day?

The obvious solutions to these problems are to be more organized and manage your time effectively, but how can you achieve these?

What I have outlined below are a few simple methods and tips which I use in order to get full value out of the time that I have.

My first tip is to make a to-do list. Writing down the things you have to do will remind you of what you need to complete and if you want to prioritize, what order you need to follow them.

Also, it should be flexible enough so you can pull forward something that had previously been less urgent. My favorite aspect of the list is that as I complete each task I can tick it off. It is like a series of little mini-goals that I’ve achieved – a very positive feeling.

My next tip is to eliminate time wasters. Decide if something you are planning to do adds any value to your business or your life. There are so many things that we think are important and need to be done which are actually preventing us from being as productive as we’d like. By being aware of your time wasters, you can work on eliminating them and thus spend more time doing worthwhile activities.

One prime example of a time waster is constantly checking emails whenever there is an email alert. Before you know it ‘I’m just checking emails’ becomes 2 hours of aimless link clicking and web site hopping. Do yourself a huge favor and turn off your email when working at your PC or laptop.

Another tip is to keep your workspace tidy and organized especially your computer’s ‘desktop’. Having a clutter-free environment will allow you to focus on the tasks at hand rather than wasting time searching for something. This should include your computer’s desktop and folders.

Always give your folders and files simple, unambiguous names to easily identify them in the future. Also if there are folders which you won’t be using for a while remove them from your desktop and ‘archive’ them for later.

egg timerMy last tip is to simply to take ‘time out’ and relax. This may seem contradictory when discussing time management but it’s highly recommended. It is extremely beneficial to take a breather or a quick break as it will help your mind and body relax.

Remember the whole point of time management is to achieve maximum output in the time you have available. This aim is surely easier to achieve when your body and mind are relaxed and energized as opposed to fatigued and stressed.

These tips might seem simplistic but in most circumstances, the simple ideas tend to be the ones that work best.

These simple methods I use allow me to be more productive and effective regardless of the task I am working on.

That’s all, for now, …time for a time out!

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    • Tony Tydeman

      Hi James,
      Good post. Keeping the workspace tidy is something I definitely an area I need to visit, 🙂 Also files on the computer as it’s a bigger mess than my desk.

      Thanks for posting

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