emailIf you want to market anything online successfully, then it is essential that you build an email list, which many businesses and marketers have done, but then they waste all their efforts by making one or more email marketing mistakes.

In this post, I am going to outline what I believe to be Top 10 email marketing mistakes, in the hope that it might help you avoid making them, and instead allow you to profit from your list correctly.

Mistake #1: Using a Poorly Designed Opt-In Page

First impressions count for a lot, and if the first thing a potential subscriber sees is a poor, confusing squeeze page and a ‘bribe’ offer that doesn’t interest them, then they’ll simply click away. Keep your squeeze page simple and make it clear that the only thing anyone visiting has to do, is to enter their email address to receive their freebie.

Mistake #2: Failing to Use a Reputable Autoresponder

aweberTrying to manage your subscriber list manually is a nightmare and should be avoided completely. The proper way to manage your list is to use a professional autoresponder service such as Aweber. You’ll have better deliverability, you can analyze your stats, and perhaps most important of all, you can back up your list securely.


Mistake #3: Not Building Your Brand

An email list is only going to be an asset to the extent to which you build a relationship with your subscribers. Part of this strategy is to build your brand with your emails by letting your subscribers know what you can do for them, what your standards and principles are, and that you are available to help them.

Mistake #4: Delivering Poor Contentcontent

Unfortunately, a lot of marketers think that once they have a subscriber on their list, the work is done, but in reality, it has only just begun. This includes delivering useful, interesting and even entertaining content that you’ll subscribers will enjoy, and more importantly, will keep them subscribed.

Mistake #5: Promoting Unrelated Products

You want to be promoting offers to your list, but they must be relevant to them. Emails promoting a Facebook Ads course to a self-development list, or promoting yoga mats to male bodybuilders, may get some response, but it is more likely to have subscribers opting out because the products you are promoting do not interest them.

Mistake #6: Not Split Testing

Marketing can be very much an exercise in experimenting and analyzing data; email marketing is no different. You should set up two competing ads, and split test the delivery of them to see which is more successful. You then use the winner and test it against another ad, and continue split testing so that you are constantly improving your open rates, click-throughs and sales.

cold listMistake #7: Letting Your List Go Cold

This is almost criminal. To have put in all the effort, and possible expense, to build your email list, to then ignore it, beggars belief. You need to be emailing your list at least once every week to let them know you are still active, and still able to help them. If you don’t and then send a promotional email out of the blue, it is likely to be marked as spam.

Mistake #8: Not Segmenting Your List

email subscribersAs your list matures there will be subscribers who become buyers of different products which you’ve promoted. These are your prime subscribers, so you should segment them into a sub-list called ‘buyers of …’ and then the name of the product. This way you can send very targetted and relevant emails to groups within your list with these having more chance of being effective.

Mistake #9: Using Copy and Paste Emails

If you are lazy and do not want your affiliate promotions to be as effective as they could, you’ll simply copy and paste the emails provided to you by vendors. On the other hand, if you want to speak directly to your list, and build upon the relationship you have build with them, you will create your own emails, that will stand out from all the other copy-cat ones they receive about a product you are promoting.

Mistake #10: Never Promoting Anything

There are some list owners, who, for their own reasons, refuse to send an email that promotes something, and they are entitled to their viewpoint. However, for the rest of you, you owe it to your subscribers to promote products and services which can help them move forward and educate them on the niche which the list relates to.

So, there you go, I hope my ‘Top 10 Email Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid’ blog post has helped, and if there are any mistakes which you think I should have included, please feel free to comment below.

PS: If you are wondering which professional autoresponder service I recommend, then the answer is Aweber. Click here for a free one month trial.

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    • Bart Rush

      Hi James,
      I especially agree with #10.
      I used to do the same because I was afraid they would unsubscribe if I keep sending them offers. So I kept sending them good information. But you don’t make money just sending value!!
      Now I know you should find a good mix between sending value and offers to your list.
      Keep up the good work


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