Every day online visitors are besieged with similar claims by online marketers – so how can you be different, so that your list building efforts bear fruit?

In the realm of online marketing, marketers repeatedly claim to have the best product (at least since the last one) that will allow everyone who buys it to become a millionaire within 12 months.

Customers have too many options and naturally become confused.


You can be different.

Instead of offering the latest in a long line of ‘next best things’, how different will you seem when you offer to help them solve their most pressing issue.

Think about it.

Their immediate problem is not making one million dollars within the next few months,

Instead, they may want enough money to give up their job.

You could offer a free report or video where you share advice on how they can start building their business with the goal of working from home full-time.

They’ll feel that, at last, they have found a person who wants to give them practical help instead of trying to sell them a pipe dream.

The truth is when you’ve never made a penny from the internet, earning a million bucks seems as probable as winning the Indy500 without ever taking a driving lesson.

So, now you are not seen as one of those hyped-up ‘gurus’, but instead, as a normal everyday guy or girl next door who mows the lawn, walks the dog and who has a thriving online business.

There are two important factors here:

First, you are turning their goal into one they genuinely believe is achievable.

Second is how you position yourself as you try to build a following, such as an email subscriber list.

Instead of being THE Dog Training Expert, THE Gardening Genius, or THE Marketing Guru, you are a normal, everyday person.

Think about who you are…

  • Stay At Home Mom?
  • Night Shift Hotel Receptionist?
  • Part-time Nurse?
  • Ex Truck Driver?
  • Artist?
  • Retired Teacher?

Think about how you might incorporate that into your chosen niche?

You might be the retired teacher who teaches dog training or the ex truck driver who also teaches bodybuilding.

How about the part-time nurse who also teaches online marketing?

Whatever you can do to be different, use it to stand out from the crowd.

People will be less skeptical and more trusting of you because you come across as human.

If you make mistakes, admit them, and show them.

Talk about yourself, so that the real you is evident.

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In fact, just be yourself, and you will gain a level of trust from your audience, that the hype merchants can only dream of.

By doing so, more people will be willing to join your email list, and as you continue list building your subscriber numbers will increase as a result of you being genuine.

More importantly, by building that relationship as a real person, you will create a loyal following who act upon your advice and recommendations.

To your success


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