I have noticed something interesting regarding affiliates promoting products and the bonus offerings they make.

It seems to me, that the ones who are having the most success are those who invest the most amount of effort on their bonuses.

In the past, it seemed all you needed to do was give away a couple of free reports or an ebook and it would be enough of a bonus to warrant a sale.

How that has changed!

3 things which now seem compulsory for affiliate marketers especially on bigger product launches are…

  1. Making the bonus relevant and complementary to the main product.
  2. The value of the bonuses needs to be much higher than the main product.
  3. The marketing and promotion of the bonuses needs to take precedent over the main product.

I can understand why this has become the case because whenever a big product launch gets underway potential customers will be receiving numerous marketing emails from many different affiliates.

The question for these affiliates must be ‘How can I stand out from the crowd? stand out from crowd

Making your promotional material such as emails unique might be one idea but the impact of having a spectacular bonus offer must surely be the answer.

Looking a some of the recent ‘leaderboards’ for these launches it is clear that this IS the answer.

The affiliates at the top tend to be those who have made the effort to produce a spectacular bonus package often worth 50 times what the main product is costing.

So the lesson when considering affiliate marketing is to make your bonus the best and most valuable it can possibly be and maybe you will see your name at the top of the affiliate leaderboard.

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